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Citrix XenApp And XenDesktop Allows you to provide all desktops and desktops to your users who may be connected to any network device and need to run their programs. Devices like tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, Mac computers, or thin clients. Only XenDesktop can provide multitasking capabilities to your applications on different devices. Your users can select and execute from the list of programs in the store or the same network that they need. The quality and performance of HDX in mobile networks such as 3G and 4G can also be used. The XenDesktop app is based on the Avalon platform and features many features including simple management, quick implementation, and cloud-ready architecture-friendly architecture.

Digital Workspace
Integrate technologies, platforms, devices, and clouds, to secure and simplify IT management. Deliver employees personalized access to the relevant systems and tools they need, when and how they need them.
  • Unified : IT can configure, monitor, and manage your entire technology IT infrastructure through a single pane of glass to deliver a unified user experience.
  • Contextual : Digital workspaces use machine learning to adapt to each worker’s patterns and exceptions so they can get work done securely remain productive from, wherever they are.
  • Secure : A people-centric security approach puts the user at the center of your security framework, synthesizing everything known about the user and their behavior to provide contextual access, security controls, and predictive analytics for full visibility across the network and user ecosystem.
Hybrid and multi-cloud are the new norm for networking. Think beyond traditional networking toward a secure digital perimeter.
Applications and services are becoming more distributed across clouds and data centers. And users around the globe need reliable access, whether they’re at the company branch, at home, or on any other network. SD-WAN goes beyond traditional ADCs and load balancing to help you aggregate all types of networks for a consistent user experience, no matter where they are.

Uncover and prevent unknown security threats, improve application performance, and optimize IT operations.
Modern IT architecture requires new ways to understand and react to security threats, improve application performance and optimize operations. Augmenting human-driven decision making with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) dramatically deepens discoveries and increases the speed at which IT professionals or the system can react. Advanced, intelligent analytics move beyond standard analytics, delivering hard-to-find insights that can improve the security, performance and bottom line of your business.

Some of the benefits of XenApp Citrix include :
  • Provide Windows-based applications through the web to users
  • Provide web apps to users with security features and higher speeds
  • Securing the platform of providing all the software
  • Extra Load Load Balancing
  • Increase the security of data and programs by concentrating them on data centers
  • Reduce hardware costs by eliminating the need to upgrade user systems
  • Reduce the need for human resources to service each user
  • ...
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