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TreeSize Professional is an advanced software application that gives you a detailed overview of your disk space and comprehensive analysis of disk usage down to all directory levels. Plus, you can look for redundant files and print or export data.

User interfaceThe tool adopts a ribbon interface that provides quick access to the files and folders stored in your computer, scan mode, extra tools to play with, different view modes and more. Plus, it offers support for context menu integration.

The GUI maintains a well-organized layout but it may look a bit overwhelming at a first glance because it comes bundled with many features.

Check out detailed info about your hard drivesTreeSize Professional gives you the possibility to select the drive that you want to scan and view data about the total and allocated size, number or files and folders, last accessed and changed dates, and owner.

What’s more, you can analyze pie charts, bar charts or tree maps, zoom in or out of them, export the charts to PNG, BMP or another image format, alter the colors, show chart in 3D, as well as print the photos.

The "Extensions" feature comes in handy in case you want to examine all files detected on a partition by checking their extensions. Plus, each file extension is colored differently, and you can make the app show all items found on a drive for a single extension.

You can rely on the “Age of Files” mode for creating statistics for files with last access and change date or creation date. Additionally, the tool lets you view a history of your disk space usage with the aid of a chart.

Exporting and searching optionsYou may save data to CSV, XLS, HTML or plain text file format, and print or copy it to the clipboard.

The app lets you change the unit of information (GB, MB, KB), send data via email, start the utility as administrator, import/export data from/to XML file format, and sort the information by size, allocated space or number of files.

The file search process comes with advanced features designed to help you look for biggest or oldest files, temporary, Internet or duplicate items. Additionally, you may create a custom search which can be defined in terms of filters, date, and size/attributes.

Scheduled scans, comparison and other configuration settingsTreeSize Professional enables you to save a scan to XML file format, compare it to others and schedule a scan process.

Other notable configuration settings worth being mentioned give you the possibility to alter scan depth, apply filters, always start the program as administrator, integrate the utility within the context menu, and make file associations.

A powerful and comprehensive hard disk space managerAll in all, TreeSize Professional proves to be a reliable software application that comprises a rich suite of features in order to help you find out the files and folders with the largest size on your disk, and is suitable especially for power users.

Changes in

  • Bugfix: An issue that could cause incomplete Excel exports has been resolved.
  • Bugfix: Editing a previously saved task in the scheduler dialog will now update all fields under "Options" correctly.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes text was copied to the clipboard incompletely. This problem no longer occurs.
  • Bugfix: The responsiveness of the user interface during large exports including MD5 checksums has been improved.
  • Bugfix: Minor improvements regarding the presentation of the charts have been incorporated.
  • Bugfix - File Search: The performance of the File Search has been improved.
  • Bugfix - File Search: Excluding a file or folder from the search results will now create a permanent exclude filter.
  • Bugfix - File Search: The automatic deletion of search results via the command line argument /MOVETO "Recycle Bin" now works as expected again.
  • Several minor improvements and fixes have been included.

- 32bit
- 64bit