The Bat! Professional Edition 6.8.4 Serial Keygen


The Bat! Professional Edition is a full-featured e-mail client especially designed to meet the evolving requirements of the corporate user, bringing to the table advanced options for handling a growing volume of messages.

Seamless installation and simple-to-handle environment

The setup process does not pose any issues such as browser settings changes or offers from third-party products, and it is over in a few moments. Completing it brings you to a clear-cut interface which encloses a menu bar, several buttons and a few panes which display all folders created, included messages and the actual contents of a selected e-mail.

Paired with comprehensive Help contents, this tool is dedicated to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with computers.

Protect information on multiple accounts

In comparison with the Home Edition, this professional version comes with additional security-related features, such as biometric authentication, on-the-fly encryption and security token support. In order to protect your correspondence from prying eyes, it uses the OpenPGP protocol for message encryption.

The Bat! Professional Edition provides support for POP3, IMAP and MAPI protocols and can manage multiple e-mail accounts. It takes advantage of Windows’ multitasking capabilities in order to process incoming and outgoing messages in the background, without overloading your computer.

Managing messages and contacts

The application brings users a plethora of features for efficient e-mail management. It comes with advanced filtering and searching capabilities, email scheduling, a built-in address book, e-mail notification options, message reminders, sending confirmations, duplicate detection, message splitting, color grouping and much more.
Support for a spell checker, e-mail signatures and QR code generator

The message editor includes a HTML viewer and multilingual spell checking capabilities, while the included collection of customizable templates makes routine email sending or mass mailing much easier.

An image download management tool, a QR code generator, email signature and encryption, S/MIME and PGP support are other advantages that this application comes with.

The multi-lingual interface enables you to read received emails in preview mode, manage all the accounts and easily organize your mailbox into different Explorer-like folders. What’s more, the layout is fully-customizable, so you can modify it as you consider fit.

A last evaluation

All in all, combining ease of use with a set of powerful features, The Bat! Professional Edition can efficiently and securely manage large mailboxes. Due to its advanced encryption and protection capabilities, this email client is of particular interest to the business client. The system’s performance is not going to be burdened, and the response time is good.

The Bat! 6.8.4Improvements

  • Drag-and-drop folder targets for copying messages are now stored into the folder history of Copy/Move operations

  • Fixed improper thread handling that might cause a message "Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command" or other problems
  • (#0684) Clicking a group in freshly imported Google Contacts caused AV error
  • (#0328) Strip attachments option of the "Create formatted message" filter action was ignored when the template was empty
  • (#0454) Postponed messages generated by filters were not shown as postponed in Outbox
  • (#0580) International Domain Names weren't always translated in headers
  • Estonian dictionary was not recognizing words with national (non-ASCII) characters
  • (#0452) Various problems with running automatic re-filtering with scheduler events
  • (#0507) Connection center "always" option didn't work
  • MAPI option didn't show for new accounts
  • Radio buttons weren't translated in 6.8.2
  • Installer did show improper messages about the version 6.8.2

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