Replay Media Catcher Patch


Replay Media Catcher is the most powerful, convenient online video downloader in the world. And it supports audio/MP3 download or recording too.


Easy to Use
Just play an online video, movie, or song, and a copy is downloaded to your PC. That's it! The built in Media Guide contains thousands of options to help you find the content you want.

Convert More Formats
Our web video downloader supports more web site media protocols and converts to over 130 device and file formats.

Powerful Audio Recorder
For music lovers, you can record and convert audio from ANY web site or source, at high quality.

Smart Video/MP3 Naming
Automatically names video files, and identifies and tags recorded MP3 music files. Amazing!

Super Fast
Advanced downloading technology captures videos and MP3 files at up to 10x playback speed.

Phone and Tablet Support
Integrates with iTunes, DropBox, Google Drive or SkyDrive for automatically copying files to your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

What's New (v6.0.079 - 2015-07-03):

  • User initiated stopping of downloads now done in background thread to stop apparent UI hang which could occur if the downloaded file is v.large and the stop takes a while.
  • Implemented support for new UHS packets after recent changes.
  • Fixed RTMP split error.
  • Fixed audio recording schedule overrides affecting subsequent (unrelated to schedule) recordings in the same session.
  • Windows 10 installations now disable isolation of Spartan browser allowing it to be monitored by default. Isolation of Spartan is reenabled on uninstall.
  • Fixed Isolation tool (Advanced settings) on 8.1 and higher.
  • Fixed schedule UI being cut off at hight DPI.
  • Improved icon font handling.
  • Added tool tip descriptions to personalization settings switches.
Release Date: 2015-07-03

OS: XP/Vista/7/8
Language: English

Download Page:

Installer (27.39 MB):