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With the help of Process Lasso you can improve the operating system's response time and overall stability. It automatically adjusts the priority class for active programs via ProBalance, the app's proprietary algorithm, in order to prevent them from hogging resources.

The interface consists of a regular window containing a list of all processes and active ones, along with a graphical representation that shows a history of the processor use, responsiveness, process restraint and memory load.

The list of active processes shows the name, user name, application name, ID, assigned rules, priority class, CPU affinity, I/O and memory priority, CPU level and average level (in percentage), CPU time, restraint history, memory (private bytes and working set), number of threads allocated, handles, page faults, and other relevant information.

For each process you can set the priority class (by default, Windows dynamic thread priority boost is enabled), CPU affinity, I/O and memory priority, and application power profile (e.g. balanced), as well as limit the number of instances, enable it to keep running and to restart if terminated, and prevent computer hibernation while it's active.

In addition, you can exclude a process from the ProBalance restraint, foreground boost, and Energy Saver (lets you run the system in high performance mode and conserves power in idle state), mark it as a game or media player process (when the gaming/multimedia mode is enabled), trim its virtual memory, as well as restart or terminate it (by force, if necessary).

Furthermore, you can configure rules for adding a processor to a watchdog monitor list (e.g. for CPU or virtual memory, monitoring time range), as well as log all activity to file. These are just few of the options available for advanced users who would like to tweak Process Lasso.

The feature-rich application is surprisingly light on the system resources, has a good response time, and rapidly commits changes. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation. While Process Lasso packs advanced settings for experienced users, letting them fully customize each part of the app, the utility may also be run with default options, since it intelligently prioritizes high-demanding programs and terminates them if necessary. Less experienced users can look into help documentation.

WHATS NEW : menu items for graceful termination wait settings in General Options8.1.0.0AdditionCoreAdd safety for improper shutdown of core engine while in gaming mode8.1.0.0FixCoreFix issue where some types of log events were written to log even when logging was fully disabled8.1.0.0FixCoreFix issue where Polish and PTBR DLLs were subject to 'improper image' issues due to a build order anomaly. Dismiss button in Graceful Termination dialog. log entry that would say '0 of 0' processes trimmed under certain conditions (meaning 0 of 0 eligible) start menu shortcuts included for docs even when docs not selected for install8.1.0.0ChangeGUIChange nag text and improve appearance of dialog8.1.0.0ChangeGUIDo not allow user to the option to not show again the confirmation prompt after adding a disallowed process, and a few other critical actions (for safety) default selected control in Graceful Termination dialog, improving appearance8.1.0.0ChangeGUIOther improvements to graceful termination dialog (remove tite bar and system menu) cosmetic improvements8.1.0.0RemovalGUIRemoved deprecated 'Close' choice from multi-selection process context menu since it now duplicates 'Terminate', which tries a graceful first approach with user configured timeout8.1.0.0ChangeCoreRefactor mechanism by which logging is fully disabled8.1.0.0ChangeAllAdjust registry key deletion code to ensure full deletion in some contexts where an empty top-level key may remain8.1.0.0ChangeInstallerRestore CHM docs to installer8.1.0.0ChangeLocalizationContinued work on in-house localization tools8.1.0.0ChangeLocalizationUpdated Polish8.1.0.0ChangeLocalizationUpdated Finnish8.1.0.0ChangeLocalizationUpdated German8.1.0.0ChangeLocalizationUpdated Russian (first update in a while) PTBR (first update in years, only restored last build)

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