Multi Timer Ultimate 4.0.0-2015 Serial Keygen


Multi Timer is a desktop timer program for Windows. You can add as many single timers to the main window as you like. All timers show up in the list view on the bottom, which can also be used as an interface, to control the timers. The list shows start time, stop time and total time; it can be exported to an Excel file. Timer controls can be undocked and placed anywhere on the desktop. Timers can work in three modes: Stopwatch, Countdown and Alarmclock (single event or recurrent). You can pause the timers anytime and timers can even count the time when the program is inactive.

Timer controls can work in stopwatch mode (count up to 100 days total), in count-down mode (down from 100 hours maximum) or in alarm clock mode (set any time and date for the alarm). Timers can be started and stopped in groups and the background color can be changed. Timer controls can also be "cloned": just right-click a timer (or the corresponding menu entry) and select "Clone" and the number of clones (1..9) and you have created a number of new timers with identical settings, which you can now change as you like. Each timer can have a title for identification and a longer text for notes.

  • Virtually unlimited number of timers in a clear and neat flow layout interface (add 1, 5 or 10 timers at once)
  • Timers can work as a Stop Watch, as a Count Down timer or as an Alarm Clock
  • Three different timer layout / design styles (classic, modern, small)
  • Count down from up to 100 hours or up to 100 days or set a target time (and date, optionally)
  • Drag and Drop support - timers can be moved and rearranged within the array by drag & drop
  • Control the timers from a connected (sortable / printable / Excel spread sheet exportable) list view
  • The list shows start time, stop time, total elapsed time and percentage of elapsed time
  • List columns are sortable (click headers) and the timers in the main interface are sorted accordingly
  • The list can be used to control the timers (via context menu) single or in groups
  • Timers can be paused and resumed later, even after a program shutdown
  • Optional Auto-Resume on program start - launches every timer which has been interrupted
  • Timers can optionally run during shutdown time (by default they pause during shutdown)
  • Cloning function: you can create clones (identical copies) of a specific timer
  • Alarms can go off daily, at a specified date or weekly (on specified days of the week)
  • Background color (for each timer separately or for selected groups of timers) and display colors can be changed
  • Changeable wallpaper (solid / gradient or background image) for the window background
  • Timers can be started, stopped and reset single / all timers / a selected group
  • Chain Mode: start the next (count down) timer, when the previous one finishes. When the last timer has finished, the loop starts over.
  • Timer controls can be undocked from the main window and dragged around on the desktop and they can be resized in undocked state
  • Optional start time preset in Stop Watch mode - start with a preset of up to 200 hours
  • Exportable (native *.xls / *.xlsx format) / printable Timer List and Event List (for start / stop / lap events in Stop Watch mode)
  • Log and edit notes for each event (automatic prompt popup dialog, optionally)
  • Hidden (system tray) mode
  • Global hotkeys to start / stop / reset timers and to hide / show the program window
  • Export / Import function to save and restore or to transfer timer configurations
  • Timers have a short title and an unlimited text field for notes in the extended settings
  • Optional E-Mail notifications on events (Start / Stop / Finished / Reset)
  • Select 12 hour / 24 hour (military time) display
  • Optional sound signal on alarm - plays any sound file in wav, mp3 or wma format
  • Speaking function (can speak the timer title, when the alarm fires)
  • Scientific-use accuracy. Multi Timer features a display accuracy of 1/10 second, but a calculation accuracy of better than 1/100,000 (10-6) seconds, even on interrupted use.
  • Time spans are calculated from the start time and the current time, for highest possible accuracy
  • Runs on Windows Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 bit and 64 bit)