Microsoft Edge Browser Needs an Ad Blocker, Windows 10 Users Say


“Offer an ad blocker or I'll be using Firefox”
 Microsoft Edge is Redmond's big bet for the browser world in Windows 10, and the company is working hard to make it a better rival to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but consumers expect even more features to be added before RTM.One of the options that Windows 10 users are asking for is an ad blocker that would contribute to a cleaner web and a more streamlined browsing experience, and posts in the Windows Feedback app in preview builds of the new operating ask Microsoft to add it as soon as possible.

“We need an ad blocker for Spartan or I'll be using Firefox,” a Microsoft Edge suggestion posted two weeks ago and already having more than 1,100 upvotes reads.

Obviously, adding an ad blocker in Microsoft Edge might not be Redmond's cup of tea, so the company is very likely to ignore this request, which would clearly disappoint users who expected such a feature in the browser.

And yet, getting an ad blocker in Microsoft Edge is still possible thanks to the extension support that's projected to debut in the browser later this year.

Extension support

Microsoft has already confirmed that it will add extension support in Edge browser later this year, and all Google Chrome extensions are expected to work in the application with little tweaks from their developers.

As a result, ad blockers could also be ported to work in Microsoft Edge, so even if Microsoft isn't adding such a feature in its browsers, users could get one thanks to extension support.

Microsoft Edge will be the default browser in Windows 10, but Internet Explorer will continue to be offered for compatibility reasons, as the new Edge engine might not be fully compatible with some websites. Edge, however, will be the main option pushed to users on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

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