jv16 PowerTools X License Key


jv16 PowerTools is an application that enables you to clean and manage your Windows registry entries, while it also allows you to remove installed programs with a minimal amount of effort.

Simple UI and some of the tools you can use and tweakAfter a brief installation process, you are welcomed by a quick tutorial that informs you that the software automatically creates backups before there are any changes made to your computer. It becomes pretty clear that this product is designed for both beginners and expert users. That is why you can select the interface viewing mode.

The simplified mode is indeed easy to navigate through. In the Home section, you can clean and fix your computer (registry errors, junk MRU and history data, temp files, start menu and desktop items), speed up your system (e.g. disable low disk space check, disable all Windows shortcut keys), control which programs automatically run at startup, fully remove applications and leftovers, or verify that your downloads are safe to run.

Manage files, registry entries and installed programsRegistry Tools offers you access to a manager, finder, Registry Find and Replace, cleaner, compactor, information, and monitor tool, while File Tools let you encrypt, decrypt, copy, execute, merge, delete, split, wipe, mass-rename, organize, clean and recover files, etc.

System Tools is a part of jv16 PowerTools where you can use a software uninstaller, startup manager, start menu tool, automation tool, service manager and system optimizer, while the Privacy Tools module enables you to delete history and wipe a disk.

Backup data and make changes to output pathsRegistry backups, file backups and others can be deleted or restored at any time, and you can also view the operations you have performed in the Action History section.

Furthermore, you can customize the interface, output paths for settings, backup directories, disable automatic backups and automatically check for program updates, select language, and more.

New jv16 PowerTools X – Version 1492An updated version of jv16 PowerTools X released, its version number is The updated version contains the following changes.

  • Bug fix: The Clean and Fix My Computer can freeze and never finish if scanning the registry with the one notch more aggressive scan option.
  • Bug fix: the Software Leftover scan of the Clean and Fix My Computer is run on the more aggressive scan mode but not in the most aggressive scan mode.
  • Bug fix: If using registry key abbreviation, some features of the Registry Finder do not work properly, such as the Open In RegEdit feature.
  • Bug fix: Check For Updates feature’s window moves automatically to the left corner of the screen and is incorrectly sized. The same bug can also occur with other program windows.
  • Bug fix: Startup Manager’s Explore option (in Right Click menu) does not work if the startup item’s file reference contains command line parameters.
  • Bug fix: If using the program in the modern GUI mode (default mode), thre is no Columns menu in the File Tool, making it impossible to use some of the tool’s features.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the safety of the File Cleaner and the Temp file cleaning feature of the Clean and Fix My Computer.
  • Improvement: Improved the speed of the Clean and Fix My Computer can analyze specific types of data.
  • Improvement: Improved Startup Optimizer’s compatibility with many software.