Identity 5 v1.5.4 Android Games (APK) 2018 CBT English UPD 20.04.2018


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If you are interested in a game genre "Horrors", then couldn't but just hear about the game Dead by Daylight. And for such admirers there is pleasant news! Shortly NetEase will issue the game project which will remind in many respects the above-named game. Same game process, division of characters into "Killer" and "Survivors". Mobile version is called Identity V!

The concept of the project in the majority same, as well as in Dead by Daylight. The murderer needs to track down the escaped his future victims. And the victims in every possible way have to disappear from the enemy. The murderer is stronger. Respectively, with him it is useless the survivor to battle. But advantage of survivors in their quantity and existence of resources, necessary for survival.

There are several styles of play — they are chosen by survivors. It is possible to battle "most for himself", or to unite with group of other escaped. In the second case, of course, the probability of successful rescue is much higher. But for the sake of adrenaline it is worth choosing the first option!

Don't hope for a lot of weapon and make-shifts for survival! You will have a lamp which will allow to see the enemy beforehand. Also there will be a case where it is possible to hide and wait "drill death". But constantly it is impossible to hide in a case. Only in the course of the location research you will be able to find the equipment, necessary for survival. Your purpose is an activation of all generators that will allow to get out.

If you prefer to occupy a role of the weapon attacking with excellent set, you should play for the murderer. He has in a set traps sawing the victims of the chainsaw and other cold weapon. Moreover, the murderer will have even paranormal abilities!

Whether Identity V have individual moments? Of course! It is ideal to take at least cinema style which will open before you the atmosphere of a gothic style — and she for horrors.

At the moment the final version isn't released yet. As officially the game project hasn't reached the Russian market yet. Therefore if you can't wait to estimate all advantages of Identity 5 right now, it is worth being ready to some mistakes.

Warning! To play on network, the account NetEase is required