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Hippo Animator is a full-featured animation creator for the web, being able to generate HTML files that can be played by virtually any browser.

Intuitive looksWhat stands out about Hippo Animator is its interactivity combined with ease of use, sporting a Javascript engine that delivers complex animations without requiring programming knowledge.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Hippo Animator targets not only professional users, but amateurs and beginners as well, helping them explore and understand the advantages that it has to offer.

One of the aspects that contributes to its use of ease is its interface, which despite being populated with a rich array of buttons and menus, manages to remain user-friendly for the most part. Every feature is clearly expressed and every element in the animation can be manipulated in a way that’s comfortable and effortless.

Working with the editorThe editor section is the one responsible for the arrangement of the elements inside your animation, allowing you to add and move objects around as you please.

Add shapes, pictures, videos and linksAn animation can be constituted from shapes, pictures, videos, as well as audio files for that extra touch of class. With the aid of the built-in image editor, graphics can be refined and enhanced in order to look both natural and unique.

You can also insert links to YouTube and Vimeo, which will be played with the aid of the built-in HTML5 or Flash technology. Additionally, the script engine allows you to embed slideshows inside the animation with fade or slide effects.

The output HTML file can be played in any browser or on any modern device such as smart phones or tablets without requiring additional plugins.