DESOLATE (2018) [Ru/Multi] (0.8.83/dlc) Repack Other s


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Release date February 8 2018
Genre Adventure Action (Survival horror) RPG 3D 1st Person
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Developer Nearga
Publisher HypeTrain Digital
Release from Other s

Interface language Russian English French German and others
Voice Language Russian English
Subtitles language Russian English French German and others
Localization Nearga
Version 0.8.83
Edition type Repack

System requirements
Operating system Windows 7 (64-bit) and higher
Processor Intel Core i3 @ 3.0 GHz / AMD
Video card NVIDIA GeForce 560 GTX / AMD
DirectX Versions 11
Sound Card DirectX®
Disk space 20.8 GB

Tablet Enclosing (Unprotected exe)

Two years ago Boundary Island was at the epicenter of a large-scale disaster. The conglomerate "New World" has hidden information about the tragedy and is now trying to correct the consequences. As part of this campaign numerous Volunteers — many of whom have never held a weapon — are sent to Boundary to investigate the paranormal effects of the disaster gather information and carry out leadership instructions. They are not ready for what awaits them on the island. The player will have to become a Volunteer to explore the world with monsters anomalies and unpredictable weather conditions alone or in a team of four.
Teaming up of four or being a lone wolf to prove your courage is your choice;
Unlock new abilities to increase your chances of survival;
Fight monsters other people and the very nature of the island;
Get the schemes and components for crafting upgrade and upgrade your weapons and equipment;
Military bases abandoned buildings secret objects and other unique locations are scattered around the island - explore Boundary in search of secrets find notes and diaries of former residents who will reveal the dark past of this place;
Change the look of your Volunteer with new clothes and armor.
Survive and explore to get to the truth about the dark fate of Boundary Island in DESOLATE alone or with friends.
DESOLATE - Original Soundtrack

Release features
Based on Steam-Rip by REY
Nothing cut
None recoded
DESOLATE - Original Soundtrack (19xMP3)
Interface language support Russian English French German Spanish Chinese Korean Japanese
Localization is changed from the root folder of the game by editing the SH.ini file.
Game Save Path% SystemDrive% \ Users \% USERNAME% \ AppData \ Local \ Desolate \ Saved \ SaveGames \ Cloud2
There is a checksum file
Game Version 0.8.83
Early access game
Installation time ~ 6 minutes
The installer sounds Kim Waters
Other s release
Distribution update history
03/12/18 Updated to version 0.7.68
03/25/18 Updated to version 0.7.77
05.20.18 Updated to version 0.7.95
07.15.18 Updated to version 0.8.16
08/10/18 Updated to version 0.8.24
08/14/18 Medication replacement
09/30/18 Updated to version 0.8.49
11/25/18 Updated to version 0.8.75
01/09/19 Updated to version 0.8.83
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