Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12.00.20 Crack



Ashampoo WinOptimizer consists of a collection of tools that aim to maintain your system and increase its performance.The user interface is quite friendly. In the Overview section, you can take a look at details of the system, maintenance (auto-start entries, services, unnecessary objects – fixing them is done is a single click), hibernation files, old update backups, but you can also use tuning assistant (it searches for optimization options for your system, based on your preferences) and activate Live-Tuner (so you can monitor CPU and RAM usage).

New look and enhanced handling
Not only does the new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12 look fantastic but it is also easier to use. Improved navigation and search capabilities make working more efficient and intuitive so you can achieve your goals faster.

Ready for Windows® 10
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12 is constantly evolved to fully support the latest soft and hardware. You can continue using the application with Windows® 10 without worries!

What's the real speed of your hard disks?
Hard disk manufacturers like to bait customers with astronomical performance numbers that frequently don't hold up in practice. The new HDD benchmark will give you the real picture in full detail. You will be surprised!

Clean with one click
Experience the next generation of the legendary One Click Optimizer. New search algorithms and continuously updated browser support gives you optimum results! Orphaned files, program remains and temporary files are removed safely and efficiently. Three cleaner modules scan you system for clutter and reclaim gigabytes of space for you!

One for all: Meet the new Internet Cleaner
Surfing the web leaves a large number of temporary files and objects on your PC that make your surfing habits traceable. Internet Cleaner protects your privacy and saves you space by deleting these files even on multi-user PCs.

Early warning system against disk failure
HDD Inspector uses a proven algorithm to analyze the S.M.A.R.T. data of your disk drives to help you assess the health of your hard disks. This allows you to predict future errors and take precautions before the crash!

Maximum performance with live tuning
Live Tuner focuses all available resources where they are needed in real time. Processor cores, Windows® priorities and resource assignments are automatically adjusted for a smooth working experience.

Finally, tweaking for everyone!
Tweaking lets you adjust various settings not easily accessible through Windows® alone. Use many different options to customize the starting behavior, look and feel of your Windows® environment. You're not taking any risks since all adjustments are logged and easily reversible at the click of a button. It's your system - make the best out of it!

Keep an eye on processes
Do you know which processes are running on your machine at any given time? How many resources they consume and which applications they belong to? Which of them are bogging down your system? Process Manager displays all running processes, their resource consumption and parent applications. Feel free to terminate single processes or adjust their priorities.

Get a detailed system overview
Windows® was designed to use hardware, not display detailed information on their specs. System Information will get you all the details you need including hardware features and performance. An indispensable tool to handle system errors and optimizations.

Defrag the registry? You got it!
Registry Defrag will defragment and optimize the Windows® registry database for a stable working environment and smooth system boot ups. Accelerate your machine and regain hard disk space.

No more unwanted autostart applications
Many applications launch automatically with Windows® no matter whether you frequently use them or not. StartUp Tuner let's you decide which applications will launch at boot up. It only takes a single click to make sure applications only launch when they are really needed.

Maximum gaming performance
Game Booster gives you superior gaming performance at the click of a button. Non-essential Windows® processes are automatically terminated and memory is freed to create ideal gaming conditions for peak performance!

Optimum Internet settings
Windows® default connection settings are seldom ideal for WLAN and cable connections! Internet Tuner helps you speed up your connection automatically or manually.

For your data security: Erase files securely
File Wiper uses military-grade algorithms to erase files securely and irretrievably. What is deleted stays deleted! Essential if you plan on selling used hard drives or part of a multi-user environment.

Accidentally deleted files? No need to panic!
Undeleter reliably finds and recovers accidentally deleted files. Windows® deletion methods simply mark files as deleted leaving their contents intact. Undeleter helps you restore these files and regain access to them.

To each his own right
User rights management is an effective means against unwanted actions. User Rights Manager helps you precisely define what actions, settings and programs users can access on your computer, e.g. prevent children from modifying important system settings or launching inappropriate applications.

Use software safely
More and more Windows® services and applications use the Internet to phone home to report crashes but also to analyze user behavior. Anti Spy let's you decide what information can be sent.

Where's my disk space gone?
DiskSpace Explorer provides a fascinating insight into the contents of your hard drives. Not only can you easily find large folders but you can also identify affected files by file type (movie, image, document, etc.). Find files that can be deleted or moved, easily

New in Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12.00.20:

    Improved Internet Cleaner
    Improved Registry Optimizer
    Added new translations
    Fixed some minor problems


Operating System:
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 10

Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.

Full administrative rights are required to use the program.